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&bull; [[Emelianov Lab]]<br>
&bull; [[Emelianov Lab]]<br>
&bull; [[Suggs Lab]]<br>
&bull; [[Suggs Lab]]<br>
[http://www.virginia.edu/ <font style="color:#000000"> '''University of Virginia'''</font>]<br>
&bull; [[Papin Lab]]<br>

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OpenWetWare is an effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering. Learn more about us here. If you would like edit access, would be interested in helping out, or want your lab website hosted on OpenWetWare, please let us know.

We have a job opening for an undergraduate to do some software development for OpenWetWare. If you would like to earn some cash by making OWW better, please take a look at the project description.

Community News:

2/17/06 - Check out the new OWW Calendar. Individual calendars can also be created.
2/17/06 - OWW is now running MediaWiki software version 1.5.6.
2/8/06 - Welcome to all the BE.109 and BE.180 students joining OpenWetWare!
1/30/06 - OpenWetWare is considering a new look. View the ideas and contribute to the logo and poster discussion.
1/26/06 - The default sidebar for OpenWetWare has changed to include quick links to common OpenWetWare resources.
1/15/06 - Pfeifer Lab from Tufts University has joined OpenWetWare.
1/9/06 - OWW received an MIT iCampus grant. Please see this page for more info.
1/7/06 - OWW was mentioned this week in the NetWatch section of Science.
1/4/06 - There will be an OWW steering committee meeting this Friday at 1:00 at MIT (68-574), please come by or sign up to volunteer on the committee if you want to help.

Add events to the Calendar. View previous community news.