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Notes from Randi Silver:
* Hamilton valve for switching solutions (Altec valves click when they're in the right position, maybe use those instead)
* Cut off the needles from syringe needles and use as connectors.  Luer tips fit these.
* Dow Corning high vacuum grease.  Wipe edge of cover slip clean with kimwipe and apply continuous line off grease around edge.  Wipe surface to bind to, put on coverslip, push down around edges with q-tip to seal.
* Use thick walled tubing from heater to chamber, and a high flow rate, to maintain chamber temperature
* Grease another coverslip and put it on the top of the chamber in the same way
* Just top up solutions in the rack instead of changing tubes to avoid introducing bubbles
* Radnoti in Monrovia, CA for water jacket
Initial shopping list:
* rack for gravity feed
* have chamber design remade with fixed slot width
* Hamilton valve
* thick walled tubing
* 1/4-28 female Luer connectors
* biotin/streptavidin conjugated coverslips (24x60mm) and membranes
* teflon tape
* Dow Corning high vacuum grease
Find membrane that is optically clear and not autofluorescent, damnit!

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