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|Vincent Xue||vxue@mit.edu||2012||TBD||CUNY Hunter College||Computer Science & Biology||TBD||||||-|
|Vincent Xue||vxue@mit.edu||2012||TBD||CUNY Hunter College||Computer Science & Biology||TBD||||||-|
|Nezar Abdennur||nezar@mit.edu||2012||TBD||University of Ottawa||Biochemistry & Mathematics||TBD||||||-|

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If you're thinking about joining the CSB program, check out these Recruitment Videos from current students.

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Name E-mail Class Lab UG Inst. UG Major Thesis Personal page Defended Currently
Sabrina Spencer spencers@mit.edu 2004 Peter Sorger The George Washington Univ Biology & French Literature Cell-to-cell variability in apoptosis website May, 2009 Postdoc at Stanford Univ
Grace Zheng gzheng@mit.edu 2004 Phil Sharp University of British Columbia Computer Science MicroRNA in Embryonic Stem Cells June, 2010 Postdoc at Stanford Univ
Laura Kleiman sontag@mit.edu 2004 Peter Sorger, Doug Lauffenburger Rutgers University Biomathematics Experimental and computational analysis of EGFR pathway phosphorylation and dephosphorylation dynamics homepage April 9, 2010 Postdoc at Harvard Med
Wesley Weng ycweng@MIT.edu 2005 Scott Manalis Cornell University Electrical & Computer Engr Mass Resonator Sensing of Cellular Dynamics -
Lawrence David ldavid@mit.edu 2005 Eric Alm Columbia Univ. Biomedical Eng. Microbial genome evolutionary dynamics Website June, 2010 Junior Fellow at Harvard
Robin Friedman robinf@mit.edu 2005 Chris Burge, David Bartel UCSD Computer Science & Bioinformatics The specificity and evolution of gene regulatory elements June, 2010 Postdoc at Institut Pasteur, Paris
B. Jesse Shapiro jesse1@mit.edu 2005 Eric Alm McGill University Biology Looking for signatures of natural selection in the microbial world [1] Sept, 2010 Postdoc at Harvard Public Health
Ramon Salsas Escat ramon12@mit.edu 2005 Collin Stultz Institut Quimic de Sarria (Barcelona, Spain) Chemistry Collagen conformational fluctuations and degradation June, 2010 Business development at Lipotec
Chandni Valiathan chandni@mit.edu 2005 Leona Samson Brandeis University Computer Science and Math Gene expression signatures for cell death or survival after DNA damage June, 2011
Shao Shan (Carol) Huang shhuang@salk.edu 2005 Ernest Fraenkel The University of British Columbia June, 2011 Postdoc at Salk Institute
Orr Ashenberg orr@mit.edu 2006 Amy Keating,Michael Laub Harvard College Chemistry and Chemical Biology Protein Interaction Specificity in Histidine Kinases -
Emily Miraldi emiraldi@mit.edu 2006 Forest White Oberlin College Biochemistry Network level analysis of hepatic insulin signaling under high fat diet stress -
Yuchun Guo yguo@mit.edu 2006 David Gifford Tsinghua University (China) Materials Science & Computer Science Transcriptional regulation in development of motor neurons from embryonic stem cells -
Surasak Chunsrivirot fa833@mit.edu 2006 Bernhardt Trout MIT Chemistry Nucleation of Pharmaceutical Ingredient: a Computational Investigation June, 2011 Researcher at National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Thailand)
Charles Lin chazlin@mit.edu 2007 Chris Burge, Rick Young Duke University Biology and Physics Making sense of divergent transcription -
Michelle Chan mwchan@mit.edu 2007 Aviv Regev University of British Columbia Computer Science & Microbiology Evolution of Transcriptional Modules in Yeast -
Jonathan Friedman yonatanf@mit.edu 2007 Eric Alm, Daniel Rothman Tel Aviv University Physics & Biology Composition of microbial communities -
Albert W. Cheng awcheng@mit.edu 2007 Chris Burge,Rudolf Jaenisch Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Biochemistry Gene regulation during cancer metastasis, early embryogenesis and somatic cell reprogramming homepage -
Naiyan Chen naiyan@mit.edu 2007 Mriganka Sur,Fatih Yanik Imperial College London Biomedical Engineering Cholinergic modulation in the cortex -
Yuanyuan Cui cuiyy@mit.edu 2007 Bruce Tidor Tsinghua University (China) Biology Construction and utilization of a Kronecker model for E.coli central carbon metabolic network -
Katherine Romer kromer@mit.edu 2008 David Page MIT Computer Science, Biology Regulation of sperm production in the mouse -
Christopher Negron cnegron@mit.edu 2008 Amy Keating The City College of New York Physics Design of coiled-coil interaction networks -
Christoph Engert christoph@mit.edu 2008 Alexander van Oudenaarden Heidelberg University (GER) Mol. Biotech. Physics of Worm Development (Working Title) more... -
Ana Paula Leite apleite@mit.edu 2008 Aviv Regev University of Minho, Portugal Mathematics Integrative approaches for systematic reconstruction of regulatory circuits in mammals Sept, 2012 Postdoc at Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Lisbon
Alex Robertson alexrson@mit.edu 2008 Chris Burge Stanford University Chemistry The role of pre-mRNA processing in regulation of gene expression -
Daniel Park dkpark@mit.edu 2008 Bonnie Berger UC Irvine Computer Science, Biology Comparative analysis of protein-protein interaction networks -
Jonathan Rameseder johnny@mit.edu 2008 Mike Yaffe Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Bioinformatics An Informatics Platform for RNAi Analysis Using High-Throughput Microscopy and Functional Readouts to Build and Explore Signal Transduction Networks CV and contact info -
Chris Smillie csmillie@mit.edu 2009 Eric Alm University of Arizona Biology and Math Evolution and ecology of the human microbiome -
Vikram Agarwal vagarwal@mit.edu 2009 David Bartel University of Texas at Austin Biology Improving quantitative models of animal miRNA target prediction -
Xuebing Wu wuxbl@mit.edu 2009 Phil Sharp Tsinghua University (China) Computer Science & Bioinformatics High throughput mapping of RNA-RNA interactions homepage -
Anna Podgornaia anna2009@mit.edu 2009 Michael Laub UC Berkeley Biochemistry Sequence space of the two-component signaling interface -
Adrian Randall arandall@mit.edu 2009 Forest White UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Mechanisms of Tumor Adaptation -
Zi Peng Fan zifan@mit.edu 2009 Richard Young Brandeis University Biochemistry Study of transcriptionally coherent clusters in the human embryonic stem cells -
Nathan Cermak cermak@mit.edu 2010 Scott Manalis, Martin Polz University of Washington Biochemistry, Applied Math, Sociology Marine microbe biomass accumulation home -
Thomas Gurry tg296@mit.edu 2010 Collin Stultz Imperial College London Biochemistry Formation of ordered multimers in intrinsically disordered proteins -
Leyla Isik lisik@mit.edu 2010 Tomaso Poggio Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering Timing of object recognition in the human visual system -
Manoshi Datta mdatta@mit.edu 2010 Jeff Gore UC Berkeley Bioengineering, Chemical Biology Understanding the effect of interspecies interactions of community structure and dynamics -
Shicong (Mimi) Xie xies@mit.edu 2010 Mark Bathe, Adam Martin UC Berkeley Physics, Applied Mathematics Coordination of cellular forces for morphogensis -
Sarah Spencer sjspence@mit.edu 2011 Eric Alm Washington University in St. Louis Biology TBD
Boyang Zhao bozhao@mit.edu 2011 Mike Hemann, Doug Lauffenburger University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Biomedical Engineering TBD homepage
Kelly Brock kbrock@mit.edu 2011 Jeremy England Harvard University Engineering Sciences TBD
Maxim Wolf mywolf@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of Maryland Biology, Chemistry, Physics TBD
Thomas Willems twillems@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of California-Berkeley Chemical Engineering TBD
Asa Adadey aadadey@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of Maryland Baltimore County Bioinformatics & Computational Biology TBD
Derrick Sund dtsund@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of Arizona Mathematics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics TBD
Amanda Daigle mandyjoy@mit.edu 2012 TBD Wellesley College Bioinformatics TBD
Peter Freese pfreese@mit.edu 2012 TBD Harvard College Applied Mathematics - Biology TBD
Mariana Matus mgmatus@mit.edu 2012 TBD UNAM (MEX) & Wageningen (NL) Genomics & Biotechnology TBD
Colette L Picard cpicard@mit.edu 2012 TBD Cornell University Computational Biology & Statistics TBD
Vincent Xue vxue@mit.edu 2012 TBD CUNY Hunter College Computer Science & Biology TBD
Nezar Abdennur nezar@mit.edu 2012 TBD University of Ottawa Biochemistry & Mathematics TBD