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|Adrian Randall||arandall@mit.edu||2009||Ron Weiss||UNC-Chapel Hill||Chemistry||Engineered Protein Sensing and Transcriptional Actuation||||-||-|
|Adrian Randall||arandall@mit.edu||2009||Forest White||UNC-Chapel Hill||Chemistry||Mechanisms of Tumor Adaptation||||-||-|
|Chandni Valiathan||chandni@mit.edu|| 2005 || Leona Samson || Brandeis University||Computer Science and Math ||Gene expression signatures for cell death or survival after DNA damage||||June, 2011||-|
|Chandni Valiathan||chandni@mit.edu|| 2005 || Leona Samson || Brandeis University||Computer Science and Math ||Gene expression signatures for cell death or survival after DNA damage||||June, 2011||-|

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Name E-mail Class Lab UG Inst. UG Major Thesis Personal page Defended Currently
Katherine Romer kromer@mit.edu 2008 David Page MIT Computer Science, Biology Regulation of sperm production in the mouse -
Christopher Negron cnegron@mit.edu 2008 Amy Keating The City College of New York Physics Design of coiled-coil interaction networks -
Orr Ashenberg orr@mit.edu 2006 Amy Keating;Michael Laub Harvard College Chemistry and Chemical Biology Protein Interaction Specificity in Histidine Kinases -
Sabrina Spencer spencers@mit.edu 2004 Peter Sorger The George Washington Univ Biology & French Literature Cell-to-cell variability in apoptosis website May, 2009 Postdoc at Stanford Univ
Lawrence David ldavid@mit.edu 2005 Eric Alm Columbia Univ. Biomedical Eng. Microbial genome evolutionary dynamics blog June, 2010 Junior Fellow @ Harvard
Robin Friedman robinf@mit.edu 2005 Chris Burge and David Bartel UCSD Computer Science & Bioinformatics The specificity and evolution of gene regulatory elements - June, 2010 Postdoc at Institut Pasteur, Paris
Chris Smillie csmillie@mit.edu 2009 Eric Alm University of Arizona Math, Biology Microbial evolution and community dynamics - -
Michelle Chan mwchan@mit.edu 2007 Aviv Regev University of British Columbia Computer Science & Microbiology Evolution of Transcriptional Modules in Yeast - -
Wesley Weng ycweng@MIT.edu 2005 Scott Manalis Cornell University Electrical & Computer Engr Mass Resonator Sensing of Cellular Dynamics -
Christoph Engert christoph@mit.edu 2008 Alexander van Oudenaarden Heidelberg University (GER) Mol. Biotech. Physics of Worm Development (Working Title) more... -
Albert W. Cheng awcheng@mit.edu 2007 Chris Burge;Rudolf Jaenisch Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Biochemistry Gene regulation during cancer metastasis, early embryogenesis and somatic cell reprogramming homepage -
Emily Miraldi emiraldi@mit.edu 2006 Forest White Oberlin College Biochemistry Network level analysis of hepatic insulin signaling under high fat diet stress -
Ana Paula Leite apleite@mit.edu 2008 Aviv Regev University of Minho (Portugal) Mathematics Reconstruction of temporal regulatory networks homepage -
Naiyan Chen naiyan@mit.edu 2007 Mriganka Sur;Fatih Yanik Imperial College London Biomedical Engineering Cholinergic modulation in the cortex -
B. Jesse Shapiro jesse1@mit.edu 2005 Eric Alm McGill University Biology Looking for signatures of natural selection in the microbial world [1] September, 2010
Charles Lin chazlin@mit.edu 2006 Chris Burge and Rick Young Duke University Biology and Physics Making sense of divergent transcription -
Yuchun Guo yguo@mit.edu 2006 David Gifford Tsinghua University (China) Materials Science & Computer Science Transcriptional regulation in development of motor neurons from embryonic stem cells -
Vikram Agarwal vagarwal@mit.edu 2009 David Bartel University of Texas at Austin Biology Improving quantitative models of animal miRNA target prediction -
Xuebing Wu wuxbl@mit.edu 2009 Phil Sharp Tsinghua University (China) Computer Science & Bioinformatics High throughput mapping of RNA-RNA interactions homepage -
Ramon Salsas Escat ramon12@mit.edu 2005 Collin Stultz Institut Quimic de Sarria (Barcelona, Spain) Chemistry Collagen conformational fluctuations and degradation June, 2010
Anna Podgornaia anna2009@mit.edu 2009 Michael Laub UC Berkeley Biochemistry Sequence space of the two-component signaling interface -
Grace Zheng gzheng@mit.edu 2004 Phil Sharp University of British Columbia Computer Science MicroRNA in Embryonic Stem Cells June, 2010
Adrian Randall arandall@mit.edu 2009 Forest White UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Mechanisms of Tumor Adaptation -
Chandni Valiathan chandni@mit.edu 2005 Leona Samson Brandeis University Computer Science and Math Gene expression signatures for cell death or survival after DNA damage June, 2011
Yuanyuan Cui cuiyy@mit.edu 2007 Bruce Tidor Tsinghua University (China) Biology Construction and utilization of a Kronecker model for E.coli central carbon metabolic network -
Alex Robertson alexrson@mit.edu 2008 Chris Burge Stanford University Chemistry The role of pre-mRNA processing in regulation of gene expression -
Laura Kleiman sontag@mit.edu 2004 Peter Sorger, Doug Lauffenburger Rutgers University Biomathematics Experimental and computational analysis of EGFR pathway phosphorylation and dephosphorylation dynamics homepage April 9, 2010
Jonathan Rameseder johnny@mit.edu 2008 Mike Yaffe Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Bioinformatics An Informatics Platform for RNAi Analysis Using High-Throughput Microscopy and Functional Readouts to Build and Explore Signal Transduction Networks CV and contact info -
Zi Peng Fan zifan@mit.edu 2009 TBD Brandeis University Biochemistry TBD -
Nathan Cermak cermak@mit.edu 2010 Scott Manalis, Martin Polz University of Washington Biochemistry, Applied Math, Sociology Marine microbe biomass accumulation home -
Daniel Park dkpark@mit.edu 2008 Bonnie Berger UC Irvine Computer Science, Biology Protein-protein interaction network inference, prediction of intrinsic protein disorder -
Surasak Chunsrivirot fa833@mit.edu 2006 Bernhardt Trout MIT Chemistry Nucleation of Pharmaceutical Ingredient: a Computational Investigation June, 2011
Thomas Gurry tg296@mit.edu 2010 Collin Stultz Imperial College London Biochemistry TBD -
Leyla Isik lisik@mit.edu 2010 Tomaso Poggio Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering TBD -
Manoshi Datta mdatta@mit.edu 2010 Jeff Gore, Susan Lindquist UC Berkeley Bioengineering, Chemical Biology How prion-based epigenetic factors shape evolutionary dynamics -
Shicong (Mimi) Xie xies@mit.edu 2010 Mark Bathe, Adam Martin UC Berkeley Physics, Applied Mathematics Coordination of cellular forces for morphogensis -
Shao Shan (Carol) Huang - - - - - June, 2011
Sarah Spencer sjspence@mit.edu 2011 TBD Washington University in St. Louis Biology TBD
Boyang Zhao bozhao@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Biomedical Engineering TBD homepage
Kelly Brock kbrock@mit.edu 2011 TBD Harvard University Engineering Sciences TBD
Maxim Wolf mywolf@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of Maryland Biology, Chemistry, Physics TBD
Thomas Willems twillems@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of California-Berkeley Chemical Engineering TBD
Asa Adadey aadadey@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of Maryland Baltimore County Bioinformatics & Computational Biology TBD
Derrick Sund dtsund@mit.edu 2011 TBD University of Arizona Mathematics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics TBD