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This is the wiki for the Medical Biochemistry is part of a module of Molecular and Biochemical Diagnostics of MSc in Biochemical Technology for ESTSP. The official language for this course and wiki is Portuguese.

Medical biochemistry is the study of biochemical exchanges that occur within the human body in relation with their application in the field of medicine. Millions of complex chemical reactions are going on in the human body at any given time, ranging from the balance of the endocrine system to the storage of human memory. By studying and understanding these highly complex reactions, medical biochemists have found ways to better fight infection and disease on the molecular level.

Progress in the fields of molecular biology, endocrinology, and cellular biology has been rapid in recent years. Since all of these scientific fields tie in closely with medical biochemistry, it has made keeping up with the latest advancements in the field extremely challenging. Medical biochemists have to study often to stay on the cutting edge of this ever-expanding branch of science.

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