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Plant-Microbe Research

I am currently working on multiple projects in the Lum Lab.

  • One project is to identify the nodulating bacteria associated with Lupinus chamissonis and to determine the role that heavy metals (particularly zinc) play in the symbiosis. This is of importance because of the high levels of heavy metals, such as zinc and copper, found in the Ballona wetlands, (adjacent to Loyola Marymount University) where L. chamissonis grows.
  • Another project is to characterize the nodulation patterns of Caesalpinoid legumes, which are typically understudied.


Seed sterilization for L. chamissonis

Make sure all materials are sterile

  1. Lightly scarify seeds on sand paper
  2. Sterilize seeds with 20% bleach for 5 minutes, agitating constantly
  3. Remove bleach using a pipette
  4. Rinse seeds with water for 10 minutes, agitating constantly
  5. Remove water with a pipette
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 a total of 6 times

SCASM/SCCUR 2010 Poster