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Fragment Analysis Submission

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This protocol outlines how to submit samples for fragment analysis at the University of Arizona Genetics Core (samples are light-sensitive PCR product).


Submit Order Online

  1. Log-in to
  2. Click "Create Submission" (at bottom of page)
    - Click "Fragment Analysis / STR Typing"
    - Click Account Number "111111"
  3. In the "Grid Map" panel, click "Paste Sample Map"
    - copy sample grid from Excel spreadsheet
    use only alpha numeric characters as well as "-" and "_" for special characters
    sample names must be unique
    make sure that empty wells (not to be analyzed) have NO text in them; if there's text, we get charged
  4. In the "Fragment Grid" panel:
    - Dye Set:
    G5 (5-dye) - UAGC will load ladder into the orange (ROX) color lane
    D (4-dye) - UAGC will load ladder into the red (PET) color lane
    - Dilution Ratio:
    1/20 - this is standard; you shouldn't have to alter this
  5. Click "Submit Grid"
  6. Log the four-letter submission ID
    "Submission: frg-YY-MM-DD-XXXX"

Ship Order

  1. write the four-letter submission ID onto your plate
    this is how the lab technicians match the online order to the samples mailed
  2. wrap plate in old FedEx bubble mailers to protect plate from light and the inherent bashing around that happens in the shipping process
  3. follow shipping protocol