Livesey: Past seminars

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8th February

Dorso-ventral patterning of the vertebrate eye

Giuseppe Lupo, Harris lab, PDN

Myelination - the nerve wraps and the rac Rhols

João Relvas, ETH Zurich

15th February

Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy: from pathology to potential therapies for an aggregate-associated disorder

Janet Davies, Rubinsztein Lab, CIMR

Axon-glia interactions in the mammalian CNS

Jeffrey Huang, Franklin Lab, Department of Veterinary Medicine

15th March

Regulation of the transcription factor FoxG1 by phosphorylation: an old-fashioned modification in a new developmental context

Tarik Regad, Papalopulu Lab, Gurdon Institute

Interneuron specification in the zebrafish spinal cord

Kate Lewis, PDN

5th April

Graded cues position sensory arbors in the dorsoventral axis of the Drosophila nervous system

Marta Zlatic (Bate Lab, Department of Zoology)

ChIP chipping neural stem/progenitor cells

Dean Griffiths (Livesey Lab, Gurdon Institute)

10th May

Division versus differentiation - the role of cell cycle regulators

Anna Philpott (Hutchinson/MRC Research Centre)

Neurogenin 2 to monitor and manipulate neurogenesis in the postnatal CNS

Olivier Raineteau (Brain Repair Centre)


7th December

RNA binding molecules and retinalaxon guidance

Francis van Horck (Holt lab, PDN)

Using DamID to profile the transcriptional targets of Prospero - A key determinant in Drosophila neuroblast differentiation

Tony Southall (Brand lab, Gurdon Institute)