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Tube Spec

  • minimum volume: 5 mL
  • use green-capped test tubes (larger diameter)
  • use a blank containing your media
  • ok to leave on all day, but do turn it off when done
    • bulbs are cheap (UV bulbs are generally the expensive ones)

To Use

  1. Turn on by turning leftmost dial clockwise
  2. Allow the spectrophotometer to warm up for at least 15

minutes to stabilize.

  1. Set filter to 600 nm (or whatever)
  2. Zero transmittance with left knob
  3. Put in blank & cover with black cap
  4. set transmittance to 100
  5. absorbance for the blank should now be 0
  6. Measure absorbance for your sample
  • Keep tube orientation the same each time you measure in case of any unevenness.