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Ever wonder why we feed them glycerol, not glucose?

  • Amanda Smith found:
    • "Glycerol play the part of a cheap carbon-energy source for E.coli.
      • Ecoli grown on glycerol excretes less acetate compared to e coli grown on glucose. (due to changes in the biochemical pathways and slower absorption rate of glycerol). Acetate is bad because it limits the growth of e coli. This is due primarily by methionine synthesis inhibition, which in turn disrupts protein synthesis and alters protein expression (A horror story if you are expressing proteins). Acetate also acidifies the media which also cause other changes in E coli physiology (such as reduced growth rate, altered K/Na ion and amino acid anions concentration. Which also has effects on protein synthesis)"
      • So, I just read something that disagreed with the common knowledge that acetate limits E. coli growth and interferes with protein expression. Will post if I can find.