Lidstrom:Sorvall Centrifuge

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Lidstrom Sorvoll centrifuge


Sorvall rotors

Rotors we have:

  • SS-34. Holds 8*50 mL, spins at 20,000 RPM/36,900 RCF
    • Tubes:
      SS-34 tubes
      • Can't be autoclaved.
        • Actually, Amanda might have autoclaved them before.
      • Can't write on body; can only write on cap. Sandy says stickers don't stick.
  • GS-3.
  • ____. Holds eppendorf (1.5mL) tubes
  • For reference, the benchtop 50mL centrifuges (e.g. ST-15R with a TX-400 swinging bucket rotor) we have spin at 4696 RCF.
  • There are stickers with maximum speeds. These were set by Katya, a Lidstrom Lab manager, circa 2011. It is unknown what the motivation was for keeping the rotors below maximum speed.
Lidstrom sorvoll speed instructions
SS-34 rotor speeds and k factors
GS-34 rotor speeds and k factors
RCF explanation


Example protocol for AM1:

Janet's SIP3-4 centrifugation:

  • Chill to 4oC with SS-34 rotor inside
  • Fill correct tubes
  • Spin for ___ min at ___ RCF at ___oC

Centrifugation Math & Basics

  • Sigma summary:
    • sedimentation rate is proportional to RFC, and proportional to the square of the particle diameter (cell diameter).
    • Stoke's equation
    • centrifugation speeds for applications