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m (When ordering to Biochemistry store on campus:)
(When ordering to Biochemistry store on campus:)
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===IDT prices===
===IDT prices===
====When ordering to Biochemistry store on campus:====
====When ordering to Biochemistry store on campus:====
* username: lidlab
* Free shipping +  
* Free shipping +  

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  • Most people order from Invitrogen. Ask Melissa for the excel sheet with which to order, and return it to her filled in.
  • They ship for free, and have a good price.


  • IDT is the synthetic biology industry standard.
  • Janet and Amanda use IDT for larger oligo orders because it is cheap, we can enter orders ourselves, and they are delivered the next day if you order by 3pm. (Technically next-day delivery is not a rule, but it is true 99.9% of the time.)
    • Janet routinely gets primers the next day, even when the order is submitted at 5pm (7/24/2012)
  • We have two accounts:
    • One (in Ginger's name) ships for free to the biochemistry store no matter the order size.
      • When you go to pick them up, know that it is under Ginger's name, and the budget number they should be billed to.
    • The other (in Melissa's name) ships to the lab for free for orders over $50.
      • IF you don't make the $50 cutoff, shipping is ~$13. Conveniently when you check out they quote $0.35/bp so it is not hard to meet the $50 minimum; the price is adjusted to $0.14/bp after you finish checking out.
  • Ordering through invitrogen includes free delivery to the lab no matter the order size, but usually takes ~ 2 days.
  • Don't bother with same-day oligo orders. It just costs a lot extra to have a guarantee that your oligos will arrive ~10:30am the next day when you order by 1pm. Sometimes they come in the afternoon, though.
  • Click "ship order when complete" not "ship items as available" because then you will lose your free shipping privileges.
  • If you are wondering if your primer will ship the next day, you can log in and look at the order history. They update the website within a few hours to "shipped." You can ask customer service (chat or phone) if your status is "in production" and they can track it down if it is important.

IDT prices

When ordering to Biochemistry store on campus:

  • username: lidlab
  • Free shipping +
    • Tubes:
      • 25nmole $0.18 (up to 60 bp)
      • 100nmole $0.37 (up to 90 bp)
      • 250nmole $0.58 (up to 100 bp)
      • 1umole $1.06
      • 5umole $7.65
      • 10umole $14.42
  • Ultramers:
    • $0.678/bp for the smallest synthesis scale
    • Plates:
      • 25nmole $0.13
      • 100nmole $0.20
      • 250nmole $0.34
      • 1umole $0.70

Ordering through "mtsl" account:

  • Free shipping if order price is >$50, or ~$14 if order price is <$50 +
    • Tubes:
      • 25nmole $0.15 (up to 60 bp)
      • 100 nmole $0.35 (up to 90 bp)
      • 250 nmole $0.55 (up to 100 bp)
    • Ultramers (up to 200 bp) in tubes
      • 4 nmole $0.55 (discounted past the $0.678/bp University of Washington price)
      • 20 nmole $1.50 (we don't have a "deal" on this scale of ultramer)
      • add PAGE purification to your ultramer: add $105/ultramer (don't do this for Gibson cloning)