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==Synthetic Biology==
==Synthetic Biology==
*[http://partsregistry.org/Main_Page Std Parts Registry]
*[http://partsregistry.org/Main_Page Std Parts Registry]
*[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QY9Y7A-2YpTOBt9M3LDOTrmlX4Broz7AjVdhDYIxGsw/edit SBOL (synthetic biology open language) visual format]
==Mass Spec==
==Mass Spec==

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  • general biology/biotech basics from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)
    • Molecular Biology Background:
      • Mitochondrial DNA, Mendelian Genetics, Molecular Facts and Figures, Protein Synthesis, microRNAs, DNA Replication, A Brief History of DNA, What is an Oligo
    • Molecular Biology Techniques:
      • The Polymerase Chain Reaction, Gel Electrophoresis , Restriction Endonucleases , DNA Sequencing , Antisense Technologies , A Basic PCR Protocol ,


E. coli

Molecular Biology



Protein Tools

Synthetic Biology

Mass Spec




University of Washington

UW Resources

Safety/Lab Technique



  • Mendeley : reference/paper manager that's awesome
    • Janet's workflow: (1) discover papers via google scholar saved search, (2) save them to Mendeley in the appropriate nested folder regardless of whether you intend to read it now or "some day when I'm thinking about that topic" (3) read in Mendeley, which makes a green dot (indicating unread) go away.
    • You can highlight and keep notes on top of your PDFs enabling quicker review of topics.
    • Imagine being able to query all of the papers you have ever read for a topic of interest! You can also see whether you have ever read a paper or not, potentially saving yourself time.
    • I also like the idea that I will never lose track of a paper I want to tell someone about. It isn't uncommon for someone to tell me about a paper but be unable to find it and send it to me. This should never happen for a dedicated Mendeley user.
  • Endy:Victor3_plate_reader/filters Filters for Fluorescence
  • Equilibrator
  • BioNumbers: a collection of useful bionumbers
  • emolecules Chemical Lookup