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Lab Address

Note: the zip codes for the shipping and mailing addresses are different.

shipping address

University of Washington (Can leave this off if you don’t have room.)
Your Name (Attn:)
Benjamin Hall IRB, Rm 440
616 NE Northlake Place
Seattle, WA 98105

mailing address/billing address

University of Washington (Can leave this off if you don’t have room.)
Your Name (Attn:)
Benjamin Hall IRB, Rm 440
UW Box 355014
Seattle, WA 98195

Lab Phone Number

  • (206) 616-6954 (phone by Amanda's bench)
  • 206-708-9612 (Melissa for ordering) added 1/2013

Conference Room Sign-Up

Finding Chemicals

See Finding Chemicals

Shipping Costs

  • We pay shipping from all vendors that are not part of "eProcurement." Shipping for all other vendors is more variable, but is usually on the order of $30.
  • Here's a list of vendors on eProcurement:
    • Agilent Technologies
    • Applied Biosystems
    • Bioline
    • Biorad
    • Daigger
    • Digi-Key
    • eBioscience
    • EMD Chemical
    • Excel Gloves and Safety Supplies
    • Fermentas
    • Fisher Scientific
    • Genesee Scientific
    • Haakenson
    • Henry Schein
    • Intermountain Scientific Corp
    • Life Technologies
    • Millipore
    • Mt. Baker Bio
    • Praxair
    • Qiagen Inc
    • Rainin Insstrument Co
    • R & D Systems
    • Roche Diagnostics
    • Santa Cruz Biotechnology
    • Sigma-Aldrich
    • Tech Depot
    • Troxell Communications
    • VWR

Ordering Information

  1. Vendor
  2. Item
  3. Catalog Number
  4. Price
  5. Quantity
  6. Budget Number
  7. When you need it by

Things we order

Useful Links

Useful Links

UW Library Info

  • You can request scans of articles if they aren't available online:
    • Desktop Article Delivery: Journal articles from the UW Libraries print collection and from other libraries now delivered to your desktop at no charge. This service is available for current UW students, faculty and staff only. Learn more. (source)
  • Log in here to make a request: (Inter Library Loans)

Returning UW library books from the 1st floor mail room

  • Put it in an envelope/bag, write "Central Circulation Services Box 352900" on it, and leave it in the campus mail box in the 1st floor mail room.
    • It is best if it is a brown/beige official campus mail envelope, but will work fine with a different bag.

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