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# Lerou PH, Daley GQ. Therapeutic potential of embryonic stem cells. Blood Rev. 2005 Nov; 19(6):321-31.
# Kim K, Lerou P, Yabuuchi A, Lengerke C, Ng K, West J, Kirby A, Daly MJ, Daley GQ. Histocompatible embryonic stem cells by parthenogenesis. Science. 2007 Jan 26; 315(5811):482-6.
# Lengerke C, Kim K, Lerou P, Daley GQ. Differentiation potential of histocompatible parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2007 Jun; 1106:209-18.
# Park IH, Zhao R, West JA, Yabuuchi A, Huo H, Ince TA, Lerou PH, Lensch MW, Daley GQ. Reprogramming of human somatic cells to pluripotency with defined factors. Nature. 2008 Jan 10; 451(7175):141-6.
# Lerou PH, Yabuuchi A, Huo H, Miller JD, Boyer LF, Schlaeger TM, Daley GQ. Derivation and maintenance of human embryonic stem cells from poor-quality in vitro fertilization embryos. Nat Protoc. 2008; 3(5):923-33.
# Park IH, Lerou PH, Zhao R, Huo H, Daley GQ. Generation of human-induced pluripotent stem cells. Nat Protoc. 2008; 3(7):1180-6.
# Lerou PH, Yabuuchi A, Huo H, Takeuchi A, Shea J, Cimini T, Ince TA, Ginsburg E, Racowsky C, Daley GQ. Human embryonic stem cell derivation from poor-quality embryos. Nat Biotechnol. 2008 Feb; 26(2):212-4.
# Yabuuchi A, Lerou PH, Daley GQ. Derivation of mouse parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells. Methods in Bioengineering (Yarmush ML, Langer RS, editors). 2008.

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