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Safety and Training

  1. Basics
  2. Training classes
  3. Waste pickup service E-trax

UKy Guidelines

    • Multiple divisions/departments EHS
    • Perform annual inspections of laboratory spaces (recorded and sent to PI, dept. chair, and dean)
    • Handy information on not only about lab/research space but about the general building as well
    • Required to be visible in each lab space
      • Lab workers need to be made aware of its location and ask to read through it
      • Must be updated annually
    • Contains Chemical Hygiene Plan
      • may also include Biosafety, Hazardous Waste, and Radiation Safety manuals if needed
    • manuals available for download and printing on college public server \\pharm\public\Safety\Teal Lab Binder
      • Must be on pharmacy computer to access (logged into link blue account)
    • Emergency contact signage must be placed into placards when entering lab space
      • Please also place emergency contact on equipment in equipment corridor or any location that is does not have a placard on wall identifying owner of equipment
    • Biohazard and radiation warning templates also have to be placed into placards as well (if applicable)
      • Signage available for download/printing \\pharm\public\Safety\Signage
    • Environmental Health and Safety guidelines for preparing equipment and other lab items for surplus (decontamination, etc.) [1]
    • internal surplus request form
      • Please use this to remove equipment/supplies no longer needed by yourself or others in your department – do not leave items in common spaces with a sign that says “surplus” as they will not be removed
    • Handy safety fact sheets \\pharm\public\Safety\Safety Links
    • EH&S safety videos for new Biopharm building \\pharm\public\Safety\EHS video
    • Overall safety folder (contains links and documents included in this guideline) \\pharm\public\Safety

UK instrument reservation

  1. Autoclave
  2. NMR
  3. PPD request
  4. UK cores


  1. Primers & Sequencing
  2. Seq guidelines
  3. Fisher Scientific
  4. VWR
  5. USA Scientific
  6. VU item list
  7. Bio-rad precast criterion gel
  8. NEB restriction enzymes
  9. Addgene