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Replace this sentence with a brief description of the protocol and its goal.
List reagents, supplies and equipment necessary to perform the protocol here.  For those materials which have their own OWW pages, link to that page.  Alternatively, links to the suppliers' page on that material are also appropriate.
*supply 1 (i.e. tubes of a certain size? spreaders?)
*reagent 1
*X &mu;L reagent 2
**component A (reagent 2 is made up of multiple components)
**component B
*equipment 1
*equipment 2
#Step 1
#Step 2
#*Step 2 has some additional information that goes with it.  i.e. Keep at 4&deg;C.
#Step 3
##Step 3 has multiple sub-steps within it.
##Enumerate each of those.
Please feel free to post comments, questions, or improvements to this protocol. Happy to have your input!
#List troubleshooting tips here. 
#You can also link to FAQs/tips provided by other sources such as the manufacturer or other websites.
#Anecdotal observations that might be of use to others can also be posted here. 
Please sign your name to your note by adding <font face="courier"><nowiki>'''*~~~~''':</nowiki></font> to the beginning of your tip.
'''Relevant papers and books'''
<!-- If this protocol has papers or books associated with it, list those references here.  See the [[OpenWetWare:Biblio]] page for more information. -->
#Goldbeter-PNAS-1981 pmid=6947258
#Jacob-JMB-1961 pmid=13718526
#Ptashne-Genetic-Switch isbn=0879697164
*Who has experience with this protocol?
or instead, [[Talk:{{PAGENAME}}|discuss this protocol]].
<!-- You can tag this protocol with various categories.  See the [[Categories]] page for more information. -->
[[Category:Needs attention]]  <!--Delete this line once the protocol is complete-->
<!-- Move the relevant categories above this line to tag your protocol with the label
[[Category:In vitro]]
[[Category:In vivo]]
[[Category:In silico]]
[[Category:Escherichia coli]]
<center><font color="red">Note: If possible, please follow the [[Protocols/Template|standard]] protocol format.</font></center>
<center><font color="red">Note: If possible, please follow the [[Protocols/Template|standard]] protocol format.</font></center>

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Note: If possible, please follow the standard protocol format.


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