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<h1 style="font-size:150%">Christopher Q. Lan Laboratory</h1>
<h1 style="font-size:150%">Christopher Q. Lan Laboratory</h1>
[http://www.engineering.uottawa.ca/fr/directory/view/christopher_lan/ Web page]
Research Interests
Research Interests
1. Bioprocesses
*1. Bioprocesses
**a.      Biofuels<br>
**b.      Novel Alternatives to Antibiotics<br>
**c.      Recombinant protein expression<br>
**d.      Fermentation process development, modelling and optimization<br>
**e.      Protein purification<br>
a.      Biofuels<br>
*2. Membrane Technologies
b.      Novel Alternatives to Antibiotics<br>
**a.      Membrane Separation
c.      Recombinant protein expression<br>
**b.      Membrane Cooling
d.      Fermentation process development, modelling and optimization<br>
e.      Protein purification<br>
2. Portable Microclimate Cooling Systems
*3. Thermodynamics
3. Membrane Technologies
a.      Membrane Separation
b.      Membrane Cooling
4. Thermodynamics

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Christopher Q. Lan Laboratory

Web page

Research Interests

  • 1. Bioprocesses
    • a. Biofuels
    • b. Novel Alternatives to Antibiotics
    • c. Recombinant protein expression
    • d. Fermentation process development, modelling and optimization
    • e. Protein purification
  • 2. Membrane Technologies
    • a. Membrane Separation
    • b. Membrane Cooling
  • 3. Thermodynamics


University of Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario

Chemical and Biological Engineering Department