Lactobacillus transformation (Speer 2012)

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This is basically a modified version of the Mason (2005 protocol) for use with Lactobacillus plantarum and an Eppendorf 2510 electroporator.


  • MRS media
  • Glycine
  • Milipore water
  • 50mM EDTA solution
  • 0.5M Sucrose, 10% glycerol solution


  1. Grow L. plantarum overnight from freezer stock in 5ml MRS medium (30°C without shaking).
  2. Add 1g glycine to two flasks of 50ml MRS medium to make 100ml 2% glycine.
    1. Shake to dissolve.
  3. Add 1ml overnight culture to each flask (1:50 dlution)
  4. Culture for ~3 hours.


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