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Lab Meeting

Lab meetings are held jointly with the Reinitz lab. To subscribe to either the Reinitz or the Kreitman lab mailing list, please email either Reinitz or

For lab meetings 2012 Winter Quarter

  • Time: every Friday 11:00-13:00
  • Place: Kreinitz lab conference room (Z114)

Schedule: Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
10-21 Marty New approaches to reveal the genetic basis for complex disease traits
10-28 Ah-Ram Progress report on paper
11-04 Mol Bio Retreat, no meeting
11-11 Manu Modeling approach on blood system
11-18 Bin HE Post-doc interview practice

Schedule: Winter 2012

Date Speaker Title
01-20 John "Derivation of connectionist gene circuit equations by explicit coarse-graining of a sequence-level theory of transcriptional control"
01-27 Jemma Webber Guest speaker from Rebay lab. Topic: Yan binding patterns in its targets, including eve locus
02-10 David Gittin Undergrad in Kreitman lab. A comparative analysis of various Drosophila species’ stripe 2 enhancers
02-17 Carlos Martinez ? ?

Lab Management

Ordering Information

  • Gas Tank: contact Mark at, specify the type of Gas (e.g. CO2) and order it to be sent to the basement of Anatomy. Include our account number.

Lab duties (for Kreitnitz lab)

  • Enzymes, chemicals: Marty, Kenneth
  • Disposables: Bin, Carlos
  • Computers/websites: Zhihao, John
  • Small Equipment (including ordering): Misha, Bin, Carlos
  • Confocal: Carlos, Marty, Pengyao
  • Incubators/CO2: Misha (Misha, Bin, Manu know how to change)
  • GFP Microscope: Misha
  • -80C, -20C (antibodies): Ah-Ram, Kenneth
  • Fly food problems: John + Marty
  • Reinitz fly stocks: Ah-Ram, Lena, Kenneth, Pengyao
  • Wash your own dishes!