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Expression of early segmentation genes eve and gt in a Drosophila embryo

The lab pursues four interrelated research themes:

  1. Molecular population genetics and evolution (Drosophila and Arabidopsis)
  2. Functional evolution of cis-regulatory sequences (Drosophila)
  3. Canalization in development and evolution (Drosophila)
  4. Evolutionary dynamics of disease resistance and pathogenicity (Arabidopsis)


April 2011

Bin He's work on the role of positive selection in transcription factor binding sites turnover has been published on PLoS Genetics. Check out here. [1]

December 2010

Susan Lott's work on mapping genetic locus underlying pattern formation differences between drosophila species has been published on EVOLUTION. Check out here. pubmed

July 2010

Cecelia's work on artificial selection on egg size causing detectable differences in expression patterning got accepted and published in EVOLUTION. Check out the story! pubmed

June 2010

Congratulations to our graduates! Sarah Carl is headed to Cambridge and Anna McGeachy is headed to Johns Hopkins. Go Class of 2010!! Welcome our new students from The College, Reece DeHaan, Desiree Dickerson, and David Gittin!

Group Pictures

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