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The lab pursues four interrelated research themes:

Molecular population genetics and evolution (Drosophila and Arabidopsis) Functional evolution of cis-regulatory sequences (Drosophila) Canalization in development and evolution (Drosophila) Evolutionary dynamics of disease resistance and pathogenicity (Arabidopsis)


August 2008

Read our Nature Biotechnology article describing the application of MITOMI to high-throughput drug discovery targeting a Hepatitis C membrane protein.

June 2008

Nano-Tera awarded a NTF grant to the Laboratory of Biological Network Characterization to develop the next generation of microfluidic devices. For more information on the Nano-Tera initiative click here.

March 2008

Prof. Maerkl received one of eight SystemsX RTD grants by the Swiss National Science Foundation to conduct research in the field of Systems Biology. The team involves a total of 4 PIs, including Prof. David Shore (U. Geneva), Prof. Michael Unser (EPFL), Prof. Felix Naef (EPFL), and Dr. Jacques Rougemont (EPFL) forming a dynamic team covering fields ranging from yeast molecular biology, image analysis, computational biology, bioinformatics, to microfluidics and synthetic biology. For more information visit the SystemsX website.