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• P.K. Kreeger, Y. Wang, K.M. Haigis, D.A. Lauffenburger. “Integration of Multiple Signaling Pathway Activities Resolves K-RAS / N-RAS Mutation Paradox in Colon Epithelial Cell Response to Inflammatory Cytokine Stimulation.” Integrative Biology. 2, p 202-208, 2010. Link

• P.K. Kreeger, D.A. Lauffenburger. "Cancer Systems Biology: A Network Modeling Perspective." Carcinogenesis. 31, p 2-8, 2010. Link

• P.K. Kreeger, R. Mandhana, S.K. Alford, K.M. Haigis, D.A. Lauffenburger. "RAS Mutations Impact TNF-Induced Apoptosis Responses of Colon Carcinoma Cells via ERK-Modulatory Negative and Positive Feedback Circuits along with non-ERK Pathway Effects." Cancer Research. 69, p 8191-8199, 2009. Link

• M. Xu, P.K. Kreeger, L.D. Shea, and T.K. Woodruff. “Tissue Engineered Follicles Produce Live, Fertile Offspring.” Tissue Engineering. 12, p 2739-2746, 2006. Link

Highlighted in Nature Medicine Article 1 Article 2

• S.K. Bristol-Gould, P.K. Kreeger, C.G. Selkirk, S.M. Kilen, K.E. Mayo, L.D. Shea, and T.K. Woodruff. “Fate of the Initial Follicle Pool: Empirical and Mathematical Evidence Supporting its Sufficiency for Adult Fertility.” Developmental Biology. 298, p 149-154, 2006. Link

• S.K. Bristol-Gould, P.K. Kreeger, C.G. Selkirk, S.M. Kilen, R.W. Cook, J.L. Kipp, L.D. Shea, K.E. Mayo, and T.K. Woodruff. “Postnatal Regulation of Germ Cells by Activin: the Establishment of the Initial Follicle Pool.” Developmental Biology. 298, p 132-148, 2006. Link

• P.K. Kreeger, J.W. Deck, T.K. Woodruff, and L.D. Shea. “The In Vitro Regulation of Ovarian Follicle Development Using Alginate-Extracellular Matrix Gels.” Biomaterials. 27, p 714-723, 2006. Link

• P.K. Kreeger, N.N. Fernandes, T.K. Woodruff, and L.D. Shea. “Regulation of Mouse Follicle Development by Follicle Stimulating Hormone in a Three-Dimensional In Vitro Culture System is Dependent on Follicle Stage and Dose.” Biology of Reproduction. 73, p 942-950, 2005. Link

• P.K. Kreeger, T.K. Woodruff, and L.D. Shea. “Murine Granulosa Cell Morphology and Function are Regulated by a Synthetic Arg-Gly-Asp Matrix.” Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 205, p 1-10, 2003. Link