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Our lab is at the intersection of multiple disciplines, and we encourage the participation of individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds, including biology, chemistry, and engineering.

Qualified candidates should contact Pam Kreeger about potential employment opportunities. Candidates should be interested in the study of estrogen signaling in cancer. Requirements include a Ph.D. in molecular or cell biology (or related field), excellent communication skills, and the ability to work effectively with team members in multiple disciplines.

Graduate Students
Graduate students who have been admitted to the BME, CMB, or ERP graduate programs may contact Pam Kreeger about openings in the lab.

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduates interested in conducting research with the lab should submit the following materials electronically to Dr. Kreeger for consideration.
1) A resume, including work history and references
2) An unofficial academic transcript
3) A brief statement about their interest in working in the lab