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==Lab Jobs and Meeting Schedule==
Meetings are 8:30-9:30am in the Innovation Room <br>
1/23  General lab updates <br>
2/6    Danielle, Yao <br>
2/20  Dawn, Chloe <br>
2/27  Molly, Tony <br>
3/6    Danielle, Sarah <br>
3/20  Yao, Greta <br>
4/3    Chloe, Karl<br>
4/17  Dawn, Lauren <br>
5/1    Tony, Ciara <br>
[[Media:KreegerLabMaintenance.doc|Lab jobs]]<br>
*[[Media:NuPage_Gel_ProtocolOdyssey.doc|Western Blotting (NuPage system for Odyssey)]]<br>
*[[Media:Micro_BCA_Protein_Determination.doc|Micro BCA Protein Assay]]<br>
*[[Media:BioPlex_Training_Overview.doc |BioPlex Training Notes]]
*[[Media:Cytokine_BioPlex_Short_Protocol.doc |Short Protocol for BioRad Cytokine Assays]]
*[[Media:Phosphoprotein_BioPlex_Short_Protocol.doc |Short Protocol for BioRad Phosphoprotein Assays]]

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