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The Kreeger Lab website has migrated to [http://kreegerlab.org kreegerlab.org]
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'''How do cells respond to information from their surroundings and use this information to make decisions?''' <br>
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The Kreeger lab utilizes systems biology and tissue engineering to analyze this question in a variety of biological contexts.  We utilize an iterative approach, where we develop model culture systems that allow us to study these diseases in a controlled environment, use a variety of high-throughput experimental methods to gather information about the cellular signaling network, and employ computational models to interpret the data. Ultimately, our models will be utilized to identify new drug targets, match patients to the most effective drugs, and identify methods to direct cellular behavior in tissue engineering.
The Kreeger lab is part of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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The Kreeger Lab website has migrated to kreegerlab.org