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(Recent or currently visiting scientists (updating in progress))
(Current lab members (updating in progress))
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*[[Koop:Robb | Adrienne Robb]]
*[[Koop:Robb | Adrienne Robb]]
*[[Koop:vonSchalburg | Kris von Schalburg]]
*[[Koop:vonSchalburg | Kris von Schalburg]]
* Neil Walker
*Neil Walker
*Motoshige Yasuike
*[[Koop:Young | Catherine Young]] (co-supervised by Ben Koop)
*[[Koop:Young | Catherine Young]] (co-supervised by Ben Koop)

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Current lab members (updating in progress)

Embedded scientist

Recent or currently visiting scientists (updating in progress)

  • Scott Pavey (Simon Fraser University, B.C.)
  • Ernst M. Hevrøy (National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Norway).
  • Hanne Jørgensen (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
  • Lizzy Mos (Hemmera)
  • Stephen Mutoloki (Norwegian School of Veterinary Science).
  • Amira Mohamed (University of Ottawa).
  • Neil Young (School of Aquaculture, University of Tasmania)
  • Lina Gunnarsson (Göteborg University, Sweden).
  • Eivind Finne (University of Oslo)
  • Håvard Harstad (Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo).

Former lab members and visiting scientists