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During grad school, Steve spent a bunch of time monkeying around with AODs (acousto-optic deflectors, see: wikipedia:AOM) during the construction of otpical tweezers. He spent sometimes months over-analyzing some of the problems encountered and accumulated a lot of data that hasn't been published. He'd like to put that data on OWW to save time for others who may encounter those problems.Send Steve a note if you would like more information about these things--a note will make him motivated to post things sooner!

Wiggles caused by AOD on the quadrant photodiode

Amazing diffraction patterns caused by acousto-optic effects

Schaefer-Bergmann diffraction? Possible the root cause of the AOD cross-hatching and detector wiggles?


Crosshatching in laser caused by AOD

Before AOD
After AOD

Efficiency and "flatness" of AODs