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Steve Koch 23:39, 29 December 2008 (EST): On this page, I would like to work on our "Lab Principles" as a collaborative effort, including members of our lab and any others who have ideas. As of today, I am going to post my draft version of this document that I wrote on our private wiki (courtesy of OWW). It took me several hours to write the page, but it was pretty much stream of consciousness in a couple late night sittings. This was during the start of my second semester at UNM, almost two years ago, just shortly after joining OWW, and when my lab was still empty and students were just starting to join. It's a somewhat embarrassing but hopefully interesting snapshot into my thoughts about science, open science, and lab management. I feel like a different person now, a lot more experienced, a little more knowledgeable about open science, and a little less worried about open science.

In the spirit of openness, I will post the article pretty much as it's been posted in isolation on our private wiki...only fixing a minor typo here and there and fixing or adding hyperlinks. Once it looks people are ready to contribute, we can archive this embarrassing version and start fixing it up. Please make edits that you think we agree on, or post comments on the "talk" page. Also, if you'd prefer (or don't have OWW access), you can make comments on my blog (I will post the link soon).

Spring 2007 Draft Version