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==Dry ice==
Dry ice is delivered on Tuesday mornings (before noon).  The stash usually lasts all week but is gone some time over the weekend.  There's not any remaining by Monday morning.
See [[Knight:Primers]].
*[[Knight:Loading dye]]
*[[Knight:RNA work]]
*[http://www.piercenet.com/products/browse.cfm?fldID=02020105 Coomassie (Bradford) Protein Assay Kit] from Pierce
*[http://www.piercenet.com/products/browse.cfm?fldID=02020108 Albumin standard] from Pierce
*[http://www.invitrogen.com/content/sfs/manuals/invisionstain_man.pdf InVision™ His-tag In-gel Stain] from Invitrogen (purchased in 2003?)
===Quartz cuvettes for CD===
For our old spectrophotometer, we had two macrocell QS quartz cuvettes and two microcell QS quartz cuvettes.  I tested the quality of these four cuvettes for the purposes of CD (circular dichroism) using the [http://csbi.mit.edu/biophysinstrument/cdspectrometer CD spectrometer] at the [http://csbi.mit.edu/biophysinstrument/ Bioinstrumentation facility].  The two microcell cuvettes were not suitable for CD ... they have high birefringence.  The two macrocell cuvettes were suitable for CD in the wavelenth range 224-320nm.  However, for protein structures like alpha helices, you'll likely want to check the spectra even at 200nm.  So these cuvettes are not great for this purpose.  A cuvette for use in CD was purchased.
*[[Knight:yeast plasmids|Plasmids]]
*[[Knight:yeast strains|Strains]]

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