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The Klinke Lab @ West Virginia University

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Penn State Department of Chemical Engineering Seminar Series:
A Bayesian Perspective on Understanding How Cells Make Decisions

Thursday, January 13, 2011. (MediaSite Video )

In this seminar, Dr. Klinke discusses some of the recent work from the lab where experimental and computational methods are used to help understand how cells make decisions.

This Week in WV - Mountain State Science - WV Public Broadcasting:
WVU Nanotechnology

Friday, May 27, 2011. (YouTube Video )

Reporter Ben Adducchio talks with Dr. Klinke about nanoscience and his work in cancer immunology. In this brief segment, Dr. Klinke refers to nanoscale structures, called exosomes, that are thought to play key roles in intercellular communication - such as between cancer and immune cells. Exosomes are 50 - 100 nm in diameter membrane vesicles that contain transmembrane proteins embedded within a lipid bilayer, cytosolic proteins and, potentially, microRNAs derived from donor cells. Understanding the role of these naturally designed nanoscale materials in facilitating cell-to-cell communication will ultimately aid in engineering nanoscale structures as immunotherapies.