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(7 May 2009 Lab Meeting)
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* sample collection done. <br>.
* sample collection done. <br>.
* Updates?
* Updates?
*Three flu fixtures completed today at the machine shop for 400$, another one ordered for general purpose use (Jane and Jaephil)<br>
*  <br>
*  <br>
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† Silica Optimization (Lambda): <br>
† Silica Optimization (Lambda): <br>
*The following will be submitted monday<br>
*Run single PCR product from QQ or Sonali the test with the bioanalyzer<br>  
*total of 20 channels 10 as negative and 10 positive with 100ng total NA mass. Emission spectrum of negative samples with excitation at 488nm.<br>
*Emission spectrum of negative samples at excitations corresponding to the NA sampler kit dyes<br>
*Emission spectrum for the positive samples split into 2 groups , one with pico green and the other without at 488nm .<br>
*Chip ran with total of 5ng of NA , pico green using the low range standard curve<br>

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7 May 2009 Lab Meeting

† Announcements

  • New lab meeting time T 10a-12pm room 705 starting 5/12/2009

† Flu R01

  • Progress report done.
  • sample collection done.
  • Updates?
  • Three flu fixtures completed today at the machine shop for 400$, another one ordered for general purpose use (Jane and Jaephil)

† SEPSIS Project

  • Revision in process due 5/20

†RNA project

  • Jeff visiting week of May 25th


  • Integration with the glass slide.
  • new air channel design sent to machine shop
  • new fluid channel made in PDMS
  • making the polyurethane mold had proven challenging as it sticks to the plastic fixture, tried mold release but didn't help
  • new cutting plotter carrier sheet ordered
  • new air channel mold did not cure well and the PDMS made from it was leaking. need to do it again, mold material ordered.

  • Substrates (JZ)
    • Let's get this to a point where we can publish and move on....JZ and CMK to discuss.

- Making substrate in microwewlls? (motivation? need to implement valves)
- Co-evaporate colloids? (the morphology won't be uniform or consistent each time, signal analysis system non-existent)
- Sol-gel on Teflon? (can serve to study basic material science only)

  • Colloid experiment

- Do Rhodamine. Leaked. Need to try again.
- Found the problem. Liquid and air channel widths reversed. Will make new chip and try again.
-Need a size specific positive control. PS beads? charged?

    • 1um unmodified, undiluted PS beads give distinctive spectrum on Ranjith's substrate
    • try coated PS beads.

† Virus concentration

  • ATCC flu virus grew and harvested
  • Plaque assay of harvested virus in progress: learning from Brendan, will try if enough cells
  • Concentrator chip design underway

† Valve Array/Valve building - done.

  • Who is in charge of this now that the SP students are gone? Alex?

† Fraunhofer: LOAC

  • Paper in revision Yeah!
  • Bonding meeting with MIT folks - Alex left some samples with them. Updates?

† Biointerfaces group

  • Final draft with collaborators.
  • designing herringbone groove for better trapping (Mask writer down until next Tuesday)
  • investigate the stability under different Peclet numbers (ratio of hydrodynamic force and Brownian force).

† CIMIT- Colson Grant

  • IRB still in revision.


  • Cathie read and gave back PCR 1 paper to QQ and MCK
  • Qingqing has written the introduction
  • repeated test of the PCR efficiency for different designs of channel.
  • test PCR efficiency using smaller DNA size (63bp product).
  • analyze PCR product for different temperature using bioanalyzer.
  • getting statistical data for the activation energy from 50 particle simulation (Fig. 5-7)
  • Mincheol has written the introduction, results and discussion, and conclusion.
  • will develop large scale particle modeling in full PCR model (30 PCR cycles or 20 PCR cycles)


  • Giving up on white paper. Think about other grant outlets.
  • Preliminary no-valve design for 25 microliters.
  • 20 more test chips to Sonali (AACC poster).
  • Sonali try to do 10 microliters in the tube * Updates?
  • Jane is working on passive valve characterization: threshold pressure not related to cantilever length or bonding time, try hole size next

† Senior project

  • Megan
  • HDA on chip. Make simple chip that mixes two things for HDA. Move chip to heater, do HDA demonstration = home run.
  • Plasma helped bonding.
  • EHS wants MSDS stuff.

† Silica Optimization (Lambda):

  • Run single PCR product from QQ or Sonali the test with the bioanalyzer