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(11 November 2008 Lab Meeting Agenda)
(11 November 2008 Lab Meeting Agenda)
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† Silica Optimization (Lambda): <br>
† Silica Optimization (Lambda): <br>
* Ongoing. More concentrations.  <br>
* Ongoing. More concentrations.  <br>
* Pressure testing on these channels when they are flowing. <br>
* Pico Green assay figured out.<br>
* Ethanol precipitation protocol and preparation of sodium acetate. <br>
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11 November 2008 Lab Meeting Agenda

† Hussam's research report today.

† Announcements

  • Your personal priorities have been emailed to you by me. Please take note.

† Flu R01

  • Courier service! Sample transport set up.
  • Plaque assay status?
  • Mark - status of fixture?

† SEPSIS Project - CIMIT Bird Flu

  • Cathie working on paper.

†RNA project

  • Jeff Braman will visit in early Dec.
  • Do cDNA prep. Spec, gels, send to Jeff B.


  • Mark- Control circuit?
  • Bacteria Experiment - Update from Jane and Jaephil?
  • Substrates - JZ to try with more gold and do all SEM/sample testing.

† Valve Array/Valve building (FJ)

  • Status from Mark?
  • Frank should talk with Alex, Mark, and Jaephil and make sure we are not duplicating efforts/making something that is too big for portability.
  • Frank met with Mark on Friday, has concerns along the lines of the above comment (duplicating efforts etc.) that will hopefully be addressed during/after lab meeting.

† Fraunhofer: LOAC

  • Primer/dimer issue. Talked with QQ. We do not appear to have this problem with our chips.

† Biointerfaces group

  • Paul Mak told that Mask aligner at Photonics center has UV filter. Try that machine. - UPDATE?
  • Preliminary E. coli experiment is ongoing. UPDATE?
  • Try DAPI bacteria stain to visualize e-coli soon. UPDATE?

† CIMIT- Colson Grant

  • Preliminary plan for IRB submission at Harvard in place. Target date 1/1/09
  • STAR-CD Renewal - January ($2K)


  • QQ gel issues. Stop using ABI flu probe that QQ ordered. Try Cathie's old assay before designing a new one. Run gels.
  • Only 1/5 chips are good at the hot embossing step. The vaccum chuck will be checked and o-rings changed - Will try after fixes and report next week. UPDATE?

* Fixuture for PCR chip. The heater and the thermocouples would be on the fixture.

  • MinCheol's designs. UPDATE?
  • Mincheol will work on DNA migration simulation after IMECE 2008.


  • Cathie submitted One pager Whitepaper. Waiting for response.

† Senior project

  • Need updates from both Senior project students in bullet form.
  • Emailed Teddy.

† F31: Cochlea

  • Received paper edits from Doug.
  • Make changes and give to Cathie ASAP.
  • Journal chosen?
  • Need to order Alpha-Tectorin protein.

† Silica Optimization (Lambda):

  • Ongoing. More concentrations.
  • Pico Green assay figured out.
  • Ethanol precipitation protocol and preparation of sodium acetate.