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Recent News and Highlights

* 12/2013 - Phil Tatman was awarded the Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship and Rachel Lucero was awarded the Mary Gates Research Scholarship. Congratulations Phil and Rachel!
* 11/2013 - The Kim lab has been awarded the WRF Microfabrication Commercialization Grant ( This award will support our work on development of a next generation integrated MEA-nanodevice for drug-induced cardiotoxicity screening.
* 9/2013 - Cameron Nemeth has been given a BMES Undergraduate Design and Research Award for his extended abstract for BMES 2013. Cameron also received the Washington Research Foundation Fellowship. Congratulations Cameron!
* 8/2013 - Alex Jiao was awarded a NIH T32 Cardiovascular Pathology Training Grant Fellowship.
* 6/2013 - Prof. Kim has been awarded the prestigious Young Investigator Award from the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA).
* 6/2013 - Jesse Macadangdang was awarded a NIH Bioengineering Cardiovascular Training Grant Fellowship.