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  • 5/2013 - D. Kim joined the editorial board of the Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology as an Associate Editor.
  • 2/22/2013 - We are proud to announce that Dr. Hee Seok Yang, who was a post doc in the lab, has accepted an offer to start as a faculty at the Dankook University in Korea. Dr. Yang worked on innovative mufti-functional muscle cell patches and will continue this work in his new position. We wish him great success in his new endeavor.
  • 2/20/2013 - Alex Jiao, Nicole Trosper, and Justin Lee win the Outstanding Paper Award at the 2013 ASME Global Congress on Nano Engineering for Medicine and Biology.
  • 1/2013 - D. Kim was invited to join the editorial board of the Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics as an Associate Editor.
  • 12/2012 - Cameron Nemeth received The SLUG Symposium Undergraduate Student Award.
  • 11/4/2012 - 11/7/1012 - Prof. Kim gave an invited talk and chaired two sessions at the IEEE NANOMED 2012 conference.
  • 2011 - D. Kim joined IET Micro and Nano Letters: special issue on micro-nanoengineered platforms for mechanobiology studies as a Co-guest editor.
  • 4/2011 - Alex was awarded a NIH Bioengineering Cardiovascular Training Fellow
  • 7/30/2010 - Professor Kim featured in National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering article on a nanoengineered patch for the damaged heart.