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Welkom op het Keymer Laboratorium

BIOLOGY: We study the molecular biophysics and spatial evolutionary ecology of microbial (bacteria, phages & plasmids) and cellular (monocytes & macrophages) assemblages in nanofabricated adaptive (habitat) landscapes. We combine theoretical biology with experimental biophysics to study systems biology in nano-scale on-chip ecosystems.

PHYSICS: We study the interface between "individuals" (cells) and their "environment" (niches). At the nanoscale, this distinction blurs into a soft-matter physical (adaptive) system (organism). We are interested in molecular autopoiesis, self-regeneration, self-assembly, and adaptation (bio-computation) in biophysical evolutionary systems (instances of replicator-interactor cycles).

TECHNOLOGY: We are interested in evolving life (metabolism) into physical materials to provide biology-based functionality to human-built devices. We see nano-bio as the natural outcome of the evolutionary trajectory of technology. It corresponds to the adaptive radiation into the nanoscopic world within the (human) built-environment.