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Welkom op het Keymer Laboratorium

BIOLOGY: We study the molecular biophysics and spatial evolutionary ecology of microbial (bacteria, phages and plasmids) assemblages in nanofabricated adaptive (habitat) landscapes. We combine theoretical biology with experimental biophysics to study systems microbiology in nano-scale on-chip ecosystems.

PHYSICS: We study the interface between organisms (cells) and their enviroment (niches). At the nanoscale, this distinction blurs into a soft-matter physical (adaptive) system. We are interested in autopoiesis, self-regeneration, self-assembly, and adaptation (bio-computation) in biophysical evolutionary systems (replicator-interactor instances).

TECHNOLOGY: We are interested in evolving life (metabolism) into physical materials to provide biology-based functionality to human-built devices. We see nano-bio as the natural outcome of the evolutionary trajectory of technology. It corresponds to an the adaptive radiation into the nanoscopic world within the human built-environment.