Kevin Matthew McKay Week 5

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  • GDH1
    • Expression is regulated by carbon sources
      • High expression in presence of glucose and ethanol
  • GDH3
    • Expression regulated by carbon sources
      • High expression in presence of ethanol, repressed by glucose
  • GDH2
    • Homo Sapien Homolog:
      • GLUD2
        • Deficiency causes hyperinsulinism
    • Expression regulated by nitrogen catabolite repression and intracellular ammonia levels
  • GLN1
    • Expression regulated by nitrogen source and amino acid limitation
  • GLT1
    • Expression regulated by glutamate-mediated repression and GLN3P/GCN4P-mediated activation, availability of nitrogen and glutamate, and when amino acids are limiting, GLT1 expression is activated by GCN4P.
  • Parameters related to our chemostat model were found in many of the papers related to these five genes including amounts of nutrients carbon and nitrogen (carbon being held constant in the ter shure paper), flux rate, (which was also held constant in the ter shure paper).

KEGG Pathway

  • Central Nitrogen Metabolism
  • All pf the genes in the reference pathway are in the yeast pathway on the website
  • The KEGG website gave the amino acid and nucleotide sequences of the genes while the other website did not