Kevin Matthew McKay Week 11

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  1. Batch Culture-A large-scale closed system culture in which cells are grown in a fixed volume of nutrient culture medium under specific environmental conditions (e.g. nutrient type, temperature, pressure, aeration, etc.) up to a certain density in a tank or airlift fermentor, harvested and processed as a batch, especially before all nutrients are used up.-
  1. Biogenesis-The process in which life forms arise from similar life forms. or

It asserts that living things can only be produced by another living thing, and not by a non-living thing.-

  1. Diurnal-occuring during the day-
  1. Prototrophic-Strain's that have the same nutritional requirements as the wild-type strain.-
  1. Supernatant-The soluble liquid fraction of a sample after centrifugation or precipitation of insoluble solids.-
  1. Chromotography-The process or technique of separating molecules or components in a mixture according to the differential absorption and elution-
  1. Catabolite- product of catabolism, the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones.-
  1. Cuvette-a transparent or translucent box-shaped container with precisely-measured dimensions for holding liquid samples to be put into a spectrophotometer.-
  1. Gene regulatory protein- Any protein that interacts with dna sequences of a gene and controls its transcription.-
  1. Permease- general term for a membrane protein that increases the permeability of the plasma membrane to a particular molecule, by a process not requiring metabolic energy.-