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The Kemp Lab

Redox Systems Biology at Georgia Tech

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Our lab is at the intersection of multiple disciplines, and we encourage the participation of individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds. Our group contains members trained in biomedical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, nuclear engineering, chemistry and biochemistry, biotechnology and biology.

A multi-year postdoctoral position is available immediately for development of high-throughput methodologies of detecting protein thiol modifications. We seek highly-motivated individuals interested in gaining experience in systems biology research through investigating redox regulation of signal transduction. Requirements include a Ph.D. in immunology or cell biology, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work effectively with team members in multiple disciplines. Salary will be commensurate with prior research experience and NIH guidelines. Please contact Melissa Kemp with a brief cover letter, CV, research and information for three references.

Graduate Students
Graduate students who have been admitted to the BME, Bioengineering, or Bioinformatics graduate programs should contact Melissa Kemp about opportunities to rotate with or join the lab.

Undergraduate Research Assistants
Undergraduates interested in conducting research with the lab need to submit the following materials electronically to Dr. Kemp for consideration.

1) A resume, including work history and references
2) A copy of their academic transcripts (unofficial okay)
3) A brief statement about why they're interested in working in the lab

Only highly motivated and responsible students will be considered. Undergraduate researchers are expected to commit to a minimum of 2 semesters and 10-15 hours/week if they want to conduct research in the lab. We are very dedicated to providing undergraduate research opportunities, but due to our lab size we have limited positions available at any given time.