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*[[Kelley:Whole Group Meeting | Whole Group Meeting]]
*[[Kelley:Whole Group Meeting | Whole Group Meeting]]
*[[Kelley:Subgroup Meeting | Subgroup Meeting]]
*[[Kelley:Subgroup Meeting | Subgroup Meeting]]
*[[Kelley:Journal Club | Journal Club]]

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Common Areas and Items

Equipment and Duties

Software and Data

  • Software
    • The following software packages are frequently used in the lab. Ask the Webmaster if you need more information.
      • EpsilonEC
      • MS-Office
  • Data
    • Backup your data FREQUENTLY. You may want to use Subversion for managing your backup data.
    • Put a copy of your presentations in the Data Server (\\\sokgroup) inside the folder Group Presentations.
    • Lab notebooks are the property of the lab and must stay in the lab.
      • Keep a neat and detailed notebook so that it could be read and understood by others.
      • Each page should have a page number and date while each section should have a title and aim.
      • Note all your observations in the notebook, even if the results do not look right.
      • All abbreviations along with their full names should be included at the end of your notebook.


Group Meeting