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Lab duties

Safety Yasmeen
Giemsa bench / Injection / Infection room Wednesday Insectary Duty
Wiki / lab page Bob
Cell culture room Michael
competent cells Yasmeen
Computers / IT / Softwares Rob
Printers Bob
Cold room Toni/Yasmeen
Freezer Sofia/Yasmeen
Antibodies Yasmeen
Microarray consumables Amanda/Dina
Microscopes Fabrizio
Chemicals / Electrophoresis / pH meter Yasmeen
Mice orders / common stocks Dina/Tib
Insectary Tib/George
Ordering Yasmeen
Autoclaved water/PBS Yasmeen

Weekly duties

Autoclave glassware, tip boxes, eppendorf, etc

Week beginning	Name

8th October	Antonio
17th October	Karolina
22nd October	Ellen
29th October	Lavanya
5th November	Fanny
12th November	Sofia
19th November	Timm
26th November	Anna
3rd December	Antonio
10th December	Karolina
17th December	Ellen

Bimonthly duties

  • A: 5xTBE/5xGlycine Buffer/5x Loading Buffer
  • B: Tris Buffer 10xPBS/ P1, P2, P3 Miniprep Buffers
  • C: LB and LB Plates
Months         A       B         C 

May-June       Antonio Sofia     Jo
July-Aug       Ellen   Fanny     Timm
Sept-Oct       Anna    Karolina  Lavanya
Nov-Dec        Jo      Antonio   Sofia
Jan-Feb        Timm    Ellen     Fanny