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{{Kafatos/Christophides Lab}}
{{Kafatos/Christophides Lab}}
==Lab duties==
Safety [[kafatos:Povelones, Michael|Michael]]<br>
Giemsa bench / Injection / Infection room [[Kafatos:mosquito duty|Wednesday Insectary Duty]]<br>
Wiki / lab page [[Kafatos:MacCallum, Bob|Bob]] <br>
Cell culture room [[Kafatos:Michel, Kristin|Kristin]]/[[Kafatos:Osta, Mike|Mike]]<br>
[[Preparing chemically competent cells|competent cells]] [[kafatos:Meister, Stephan|Stephan]]/ [[kafatos:Runn, Ellen|Ellen]]<br>
Computers / IT / Softwares [[Kafatos:Koutsos, Anastasios|Tasos]]/[[Kafatos:Waterhouse, Robert|Rob]]/ [[Kafatos:Meister, Stephan|Stephan]]<br>
Cold room [[kafatos:Mendes, Antonio|Toni]]<br>
Freezer [[Kafatos:Pinto, Sofia|Sofia]]<br>
Antibodies [[Kafatos:Michel, Kristin|Kristin]]<br>
Microarray consumables [[Kafatos:Jackson, Amanda|Amanda]]/[[Kafatos:Vlachou, Dina|Dina]] <br>
Microscopes Mike pH meter [[Kafatos:Michel, Kristin|Kristin]]<br>
Chemicals / Electrophoresis [[Kafatos:Schnitger, Anna|Anna]]<br>
Mice orders / common stocks [[Kafatos:Vlachou, Dina|Dina]]/[[Kafatos:Habtewold, Tibebu|Tib]]<br>
Insectary Tib / [[Kafatos:George K. Christophides|George]] <br>
Tris buffers / Autoclaved H2O [[kafatos:Mendes, Antonio|Toni]]/[[Kafatos:Pinto, Sofia|Sofia]]<br>
LB and LB plates [[Kafatos:Koutsos, Anastasios|Tasos]]<br>
PBS / Loading Buffer / Molecular Markers [[Kafatos:Schnitger, Anna|Anna]]<br>
Autoclave glassware, tip boxes, eppendorfs [[Kafatos:Waldock, Joanna|Jo]]/[[Kafatos:Runn, Ellen|Ellen]]/[[Kafatos:Schlegelmilch, Timm|Timm]]/[[Kafatos:Turlure, Fanny|Fanny]] <br>
[[Kafatos:P1|P1]], [[Kafatos:P2|P2]], [[Kafatos:P3|P3]] Miniprep Buffers, [[Kafatos:5x TBE|5x TBE]] [[Kafatos:Pinto, Sofia|Sofia]]<br><br>
'''missing duties:'''
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*[[Kafatos:5x Glycine Buffer|5x Glycine Buffer]]
*[[Kafatos:10x PBS|10xPBS]]
*loading buffer (5x)
*[[Kafatos:DNA 1kbplus ladder|molecular markers (1kb & 1kb+)]]
'''old rotation:'''

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