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List of printers

HP LaserJet 2430 duplex b/w currently on in 6th floor lab
HP Color LaserJet on in 6th floor lab
HP LaserJet 2015 duplex b/w on in Room 520

Mac instructions for setting up ls-fckprn1.saf.ic.ac.uk

  1. Open Utilities -> Printer Setup Utility
  2. Select "Default Browser"
  3. Enter "Room 520" in search box
  4. Click OK a few times

Windows instructions for setting up ls-fckprn1.saf.ic.ac.uk

Following Windows logic, you must add your network printer as a "local printer" and then jump through several hoops before you get the thing configured.

After it has failed to find a plug and play printer, click next until you get to "create a new port" -> "Standard TCP/IP"

After that, paste in ls-fckprn1.saf.ic.ac.uk

When you get to choosing drivers, note that there is a generic "HP LaserJet" driver that you can use. You do not need to share your printer.

It should work... please don't all print a test-page!