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Mission Statement

Our research aims to engineer biological systems for compelling applications in medicine and biotechnology. We do this to understand how the living world works and to harness biology for societal needs. Specifically, we focus on cell-free systems, which are not constrained by cellular complexity, structural barriers and viability.

We aim to develop enabling technologies that push the frontiers of biology by design.

We seek to exploit the renewability and evolvability of biology to synthesize abiological polymers that augment biological space with new chemistries.

We aim to accelerate the construction of synthetic biomolecular machines making natural and unnatural biopolymers.

We integrate fundamental science with technology development.

We approach the engineering science of synthetic biology with the goal of creative and cost-effective solutions to today’s technological challenges.

Our laboratory fosters an inclusive, motivated, and creative culture which produces both world-class science and synthetic biology experts.


Graduate Students

Post Doctorates



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