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This is me waterskiing.
Lake Travis, Austin, TX
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Major Biomedical Engineering
Track 2: Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering

Classification 2nd-year undergraduate, junior-standing.

Research I recently received a fellowship for my undergraduate research project in cell and tissue engineering, focusing on platelet-dervied growth factor (PDGF) in Suggs Lab.

Biography I graduated high school in 2004 from The Woodlands, TX with a drive to study Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. I quickly realized that the only way to dive into BME was to do undergraduate research, immediately. I began my experience in research August (the first day) of my freshman year in Suggs lab in Cell and Tissue Engineering.

I then branched into other areas of biology, namely the emerging field of Synthetic Biology, when I worked with Jeff Tabor in Ellington Lab, which prepared me for Summer 2005 in Cambridge, MA where I particpated in the iGEM Competition on the MIT team under Drew Endy.

I soon developed an increasing interest in marketing and advertising after much exposure to research in universities. To try my hand in industry, I will co-op with Codon Devices, Inc. Summer 2006 through Fall 2006.

For information on my life outside of the science field, please see my site on --a wiki-based service for the fitness/wellness community (currently under heavy construction, if you can help with wiki stuff, please contact me!).

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Currently, I am develping page designs and templates that make OWW more user-friendly. I will be collaborating with George Ahunov in improving the functionality of OWW and consistency and efficiency of submitting information. Please feel free to share your feedback in improving these systems to make OWW easier for you.

I also love barbeque. Specifically Kreuz Market bbq in Lockhart, TX.

See my site on FitShare.
See my site on the MIT IGEM 2005 page.