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[[Image:JennyNguyen links title.gif]]
[[Image:JennyNguyen links title.gif]]
* [[Jenny Nguyen Annex|Random Jenny Things]]<br>
* [[Jenny Nguyen Annex|Random Jenny Things]]<br>
* [http://www.jennytnguyen.com My Website]  
* [http://web.mit.edu/jennyn/www My Website]  
* [[BME314/Team project]]
* [[BME314/Team project]]
* [[BME333T/Project/Public policy]]
* [[BME333T/Project/Public policy]]

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JennyNguyen links title.gif

JennyNguyen profile title.gif

This is me waterskiing.
Lake Travis, Austin, TX
Jenny beach.jpg

University The University of Texas at Austin http://ras.ece.utexas.edu/images/longhorn.gif

Major Biomedical Engineering
Track 2: Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering

Classification 3rd-year undergraduate

Current Status Recently, I have returned to UT Austin to finish my undergraduate degree, continue to work with OpenWetWare, and teach Yoga and Pilates group fitness classes.

I recently finished a 7-month engineering co-op at Codon Devices in Cambridge, MA as a research intern in the Applications group, and volunteered weekends to work in Production --it was that fun!

JennyNguyen contribution title.gif

Currently, I am develping page designs and templates that make OWW more user-friendly (i.e. front page). I am an active member of the Steering Committee, and was the interim OpenWetWare Secretary until January 2007.

Visitors (thanks Barry)

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