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OpenWetWare is wiki created on April 20, 2005. Its mission of the site is "to support open research, education, publication, and discussion in biological sciences and engineering." The site has been used by researchers to host lab

OpenWetWare was founded by graduate students at MIT. Initially, OpenWetWare served as a private lab wiki for the labs of Drew Endy and Tom Knight at MIT. The site was opened up to allow any lab to join on June 22, 2005. As of August 21, 2006 the site hosted 50 research laboratories from 30 institutions, including Boston University Brown University,Caltech,Cambridge Research Institute,CNRS,Harvard University, and many others.

In additions to laboratories, a number of scientific communities are on the site, including ones for synthetic biology, (home), Mimulus (home), and the BioBricks Foundation (home).

OpenWetWare runs on MediaWiki software on Linux servers. OpenWetWare makes all content available under a free content license, specifically the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and the [Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License.]

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