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OpenWetWare is wiki created on April 20, 2005.


OpenWetWare was founded by graduate students at MIT. Initially, OpenWetWare served as a private lab wiki for the labs of Drew Endy and Tom Knight at MIT. The site was opened up to allow any lab to join on June 22, 2005.

Invitations to join the site were extended to other laboratories at MIT and in the field of synthetic biology on June 22, 2005. As of August 21, 2005 the site hosted 50 research laboratories from 30 institutions, including Boston University Brown University,Caltech,Cambridge Research Institute,CNRS,Harvard University,[[IISc


   rown [showhide] 
       * Tatar Lab
       * Helfand Lab 
   Caltech [showhide] 
       * Smolke Lab 
   Cambridge Research Institute [showhide] 
       * Odom Lab 
   CNRS [showhide] 
       * Gattuso 
   Harvard [showhide] 
       * Silver Lab 
   IISc, Bangalore [showhide] 
       * Chandra Lab 
   Imperial College [showhide] 
       * Immunogenomics Lab
       * Crisanti Lab 
   MIT [showhide] 
       * Chen Lab
       * DeLong Lab
       * Endy Lab
       * Grossman Lab
       * Keating Lab
       * Knight Lab
       * Lauffenburger Lab
       * Matsudaira Lab
       * Sauer Lab
       * Stephanopoulos Lab
       * van Oudenaarden Lab
       * Wittrup Lab 
   Nanyang Technological University [showhide] 
       * Newman Lab 
   Oregon Health & Science University [showhide] 
       * Hoatlin Lab
       * Thayer Lab 
   Penn State University [showhide] 
       * Richard Lab 
   PRBB [showhide] 
       * Sole Lab 
   Purdue University [showhide] 
       * Rickus Lab 
   Tufts University

OpenWetWare makes all content available under a free content license, specifically the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and the [Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License.]

Wikicities is a macro-wiki managed by Wikia, created on July 1, 2004. It is a collection of wikis run by various communities, all of which run on MediaWiki. It could be described as a hosting service for wiki-projects, each called a "Wikicity".

Apart from a few common-sense restrictions, to preclude the uploading of obscene or illegal material, anyone can found a Wikicity in any language. To gain approval for the creation of a Wikicity, would-be founders are asked to formulate a mission statement specifying the objectives of the project. The project announced the creation of its one hundredth wiki on February 3, 2005 [1]. Wikicities provides both technical and social support for all aspects of running a wiki community.

Wikicities makes all content available under a free content licence, specifically the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). This means the information can be reused, not only in other Wikicities, but by anyone within the terms of the licence, including Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikicities is hosted on Linux servers using squid cache acceleration.