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Useful Links

  • BioNumbers
    • Save time searching for cell facts such as cellular volume or concentration of ATP
  • Finnzyme Primer Dimer Predictor
    • Enter yours here see predicted dimers
  • BitesizeBio
    • They have short but useful articles on lab technique and often include references. I am not a fan of all the advertising.
  • emolecules
    • See who sells compounds you want to buy. Will help you shop around & give more options when your default supplier shows a compound as being back-ordered.
  • BenchFly: free science videos
  • EcoSal  !!subscription required!! (I don't have it at UW)
    • an E. Coli & Salmonella reference website (originally, this info was published in books)
  • RBS strength calculator
    • Recomended by Amanda Smith (she says the Klavins lab uses a different one)
    • The sequence matters a lot! (If using the Elowitz RBS, the sequence between this part & the ATG matters!
    • Elowitz RBS + BioBrick Scar site + ATG --> ~ 14000 units of transcription, I think.



  • APE (A Plasmid Editor; free)
  • Mendeley (free)
  • InkScape (free)